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Eco-Quotations from KGECL

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Eco-Quotations from KGECL
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Ecology Quotes


It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. ~ Ansel Adams


Let us be good stewards of the Earth we inherited. All of us have to share the Earth's fragile ecosystems and precious resources, and each of us has a role to play in preserving them. If we are to go on living together on this earth, we must all be responsible for it.

~ Kofi Annan


 Waste is a tax on the whole people.

~ Albert W. Atwood


"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children."

~ John James Audubon         


 The American reading his Sunday paper in a state of lazy collapse is perhaps the most perfect symbol of the triumph of quantity over quality.... Whole forests are being ground into pulp daily to minister to our triviality.

~ Irving Babbitt           


We are committed with our lives to building a different model and a different future for humanity, the Earth, and other species. We have envisaged a moral alternative to economic globalization and we will not rest until we see it realized.

-- Maude Barlow


No piecemeal solution is going to prevent the collapse of whole societies and ecosystems and that a radical re-thinking of our values, priorities and political systems is urgent.

-- Maude Barlow


"The problem of climate change is so large that it can't be solved by voluntary individual responses. It requires an economy-wide solution, i.e. one that limits the total carbon intake of the economy."

~ Peter Barnes          


 "The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think."

~ Gregory Bateson


"This is a deeply spiritual issue...Do we want to spend more time trying to care for our fellow man or do we want to just pursue more virtual reality? That's the issue before us.. and it's being played out in the world of the environment."

~ Ed Begley, Jr.


"Kids can help the environment by riding a bike. Always wear a helmet of course and stay in the bike lane. Take public transportation with your parents and your friends and see if you like that. That’s a good way to get around. Start a home garden, be energy efficient, turn off the lights and the water. All of those things are very good for the environment and good for your pocketbook. "

~ Ed Begley, Jr.




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